Posted by: Shinrin | 01/23/2008



Marcus Damon enjoys nothing more than a good fist fight, and he gets his wish when he meets the digimon named Agumon. When the two fight they are interrupted by a girl named Yoshino who stops them with her digimon partner. Marcus decides to help Agumon escape and brings him to his house. Keeping him secret doesn’t last long, when Agumon escapes to the streets when Marcus is gone. A giant explosion alarms the Data Squad or DATS- a secret organization who helps regulate the digimon coming into this world. When Marcus finds Agumon they try to defeat the rouge digimon, a strange power emerges from Marcus’s fist after he punched the digimon. He is given a device that with his spirit energy makes Agumon digivolve into Geogreymon and destroys the foe, but will Marcus and Agumon be the ultimate fighting team long enough before DATS erases his mind and destroys Agumon?!

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