Posted by: Shinrin | 01/23/2008



The Shikon no Tama is a jewel sought by both human and demon. Fifty years ago, the priestess Kikyo held the jewel in her possession in order to purify it of evil. She befriends the half demon InuYasha as they grew very close, but this wasn’t unnoticed. A bandit named Onigumo had secret feelings for her and desired the jewel so that his wounds would heal.

All was torn apart when InuYasha had attacked the shrine and stole the jewel for himself. Kikyo managed to stop him by sealing him with an arrow’s spell to forever sleep upon the Sacred Tree. He wounds however, had taken her life. Her body was burned along with the Jewel.

In modern day Tokyo Japan, it was Kagome Higurashi’s 15th birthday. As she headed toward school it was abruptly interrupted, when a demon grabbed her down the well and pulled her into another time. Kagome was sent hundreds of years into the Feudal Era of Japan. By chance meeting the sleeping half demon InuYasha was awakened by Kagome’s spiritual powers…but is he friend or foe as he tries to kill her!

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