Posted by: Shinrin | 01/23/2008



One hundred years ago in a peaceful little village called Kamiki, where the villagers lived in harmony with nature and the Gods. One dreadful day, an ominous cloud with a foreboding presents came. A great evil has disturbed the peaceful Kamiki village. A powerful gigantic beast named Orochi demanded a sacrifice when a white arrow hits the house of the next victim. If they refused, Orochi would crush the entire village.

One fateful day, the warrior Nagi was training to defeat the menace but he confronts a strange white wolf who has been hanging around the village. The wolf was called by the name Shiranui. Thinking it was a demon messenger, he fought the wolf but they were interrupted. When Nagi discovered his secret love Nami, the beautiful saki brewer, was to be the next sacrifice. Nagi stole Nami’s sacrificial kimono in discise and headed for Orochi’s cave. He joined forces with Shiranui and they headed out to battle the dreaded Orochi.

Shiranui proved to be an otherworldly wolf, as she controlled the very elements of the Earth itself! Battered, bruised and exhausted…victory seemed distant. Nagi raised his sword Kusanagi to the heavens undeterred by his injuries as Shiranui, fur stained red with blood, howled to the clouded skies. Her heavenly howl opened up the sky as a silver moon glowed upon Nagi’s sword. He wielded his gleaming blade at the evil Orochi as Nagi slew each of it’s eight heads. Nagi jabbed his sword into the earth of the slain beast and sealed him away.

With their great victory was also a great loss. Shiranui was mortally wounded, as Nagi carried her back to the village. She gave a pitiful howl and past away. The headman of the village erected a shrine in dedication to the brave warriors Shiranui and Nagi.

Now, one hundreds years later, Kamiki village enjoyed a peaceful time without any threats. It was on the anniversary of the great battle and a mysterious figure pulled out the sealing sword Kusangi out of Orochi’s tomb. An earthquake shook, the clouds darkened and Shinshu field was shrouded in an evil demonic aura. Orochi was reawakened once again and called upon the one who undid the seal to give his powers back so that he can commit it’s evil acts.

The tree sprite Sakuya took notice and reincarnated Shiranui from the deceased Mother of all Gods, Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess. She now takes the form of the white wolf Shiranui and is given the task to once again defeat the Orochi before it completely awakens.

To do so, Amaterasu must gather her old powers back which had enabled her to control the elements. Her powers had split into thirteen Gods of the Zodiac, but they are scattered throughout Japan! Will Amaterasu and her companion Issun be able to gather all her powers back in time before Orochi is reborn?


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