Posted by: Shinrin | 01/23/2008



Shangra-la was once a peaceful place where man and demon co-existed. Until a minus wave spread throughout the land creating a calamity. Demons lost their sense of self and grew angry and hungered for human flesh. Man now fears the demons and became bitter enemies.

Genjo Sanzo, the highest ranking priest answered to the Sanbutsushin Gods request to stop the calamity and bring the demons back to themselves. He reluctantly sets out on his long journey West to the Northern land of India.

Sanzo was forced to travel with three demon companions whom he shares a past: Son Goku, Sha Gojyo and Cho Hakkai along with Hakkai’s dragon Hakuryu who can transform into a jeep. The four begin the long journey westwards as they constantly meet demon assassins and many pot-holes ahead. Will the Sanzo Party reach India to stop the calamity or will they kill each-other first!?

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