Posted by: Shinrin | 01/23/2008



A nameless man was found injured in the forest by Elulu, a healer in training. The man had no memory except a mere flashback of a threatening vision. He awoke with a irremovable mask as he wonders who he is.

He begins his new life in a quite little village out in the country as he is helped along by Elulu and —, the village elder. As he gradually befriends the villagers trust they start to look up to him as their lord. — gives him the name Hakuoro, who was the name of her late son and Elulu and Aruru’s father.

The oppressive power of the crocked Fuedal Lord worst-ens when war breaks out. The villagers start the rebellion and all look up to the new leader, Hakuoro. Will he be able to maintain his new higher position and protect the villages? Will Hakuoro discover the mystery behind his mask and his true identity?

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