Posted by: Shinrin | 01/23/2008

Wolf’s Rain


A dreary land void of wolves thought to be long extinct, a voice cries out in the darkened skies. A white wolf wanders into a decrepit city, but his appearance doesn’t go unnoticed.

Other wolves still wander few and far between. The white wolf Kiba confronts the rebellious grey wolf Tsume. Hige the brown wolf helps free Kiba from being captured from the humans. He teaches Kiba to transform into a human so that they can move freely amongst the crowd. Toboe the howling wolf gets attached to Tsume whom eventually, against his will, joins the newly formed pack.

Kiba smells the sent of a lunar flower who calls to him in a eerie, melodious voice in the moonlit night. This calling, a yearning feeling echoing in the wolves minds, their search for paradise beings.

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