Posted by: Shinrin | 01/23/2008



Yusuke Urameshi is a typical middle school rebel, never getting along with anybody. He couldn’t stand school so one day he skips out, but his ordinary life would forever change. A child was crossing the street and as a reckless driver was speeding, Yusuke saved the child…but in doing so it took his life!

A spirit guide named Boton arrived to tell him it wasn’t his time yet. A great ordeal was about to be given to him so that he can reclaim his life.

The ordeal was only the beginning. When Ko-Enma, son of the King of the Spirit World, decides to keep in touch with Yusuke by giving him spiritual powers. Ko-Enma gives him the the job of being the Spirit Detective of Earth so that Yusuke can protect it from poltergeist and demons!

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