Posted by: Shinrin | 02/05/2008



12 years ago in the Leaf Village a giant Kyubi attacks! Only the Fourth Hokage was able to seal the Kyubi’s spirit inside the body of a newborne child. Now, 12 years later that same boy is the village’s biggest troublemaking ninja student! Naruto Uzumaki who dreams of becoming the next Hokage ninja legend so that everyone who looked down on him will look up to him with respect. Naruto trains to become a powerfull ninja with teammates Sakura, Sasuke & Kakashi sensei learning taijutsu, ninjutsu & teamwork. A dream so big that’s hard to achive becomes reality, when a shaddy ninja appears with a dark grudge against the Leaf Village arives with intentions of killing everyone! Orochimaru’s obsession with jutsu & power hunger will force all Leaf ninja to their limits!

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