Posted by: Shinrin | 02/17/2008

Naruto Review



Unique, very expressive characters & well drawn backgrounds.


The world of Naruto is very interesting, not taking place in a familiar time or place. A mix between rural with technology, but not as advanced as having cars or airplanes. The story itself starts off mostly introducing the characters personalities & basic situations as well as how the Village Hidden in the Leaves works. It gradually builds up far more deeper into character’s emotions dwelling on their pasts & story slowly builds up into an interesting plot.


In the beginning I have to say that I wasn’t very impressed with the three major characters- Naruto, Sasuke & Sakura. “The loose cannon (Naruto), the cool guy (Sasuke) & the Penelope Pitstop (Sakura)”. Sakura was just so weak, it would be nice to see her pulling her own weight a bit more. I did find it very refreshing when the Chunin Exams begun, new characters & the main characters of Squad 7’s personalities change with the new threat: Orochimaru. Having such a strong new antagonist really helped the story progress further. “Naruto” is an addicting series.


In general, the animation is quite good, if not excellent. The fighting scenes are very well drawn with fluid movements that are not choppy or exaggerated. The visuals are eye-catching.


Theme music sounds rather cool & the backgrounds music suits the series very well. With soft flute for the happy themes to tribal-rock for the action.

My overall rating

5/5  Yes, to me in the first season the characters (squad 7)  really needed their personalities to grow & become more individual & less caned. Now the characters are excellent, fantastic personalities & dilemma over the future of becoming a Shinobi. I definitely recommend this series. It has a little bit of everything: tons of action/adventure, mysterious plots, comedy, fantasy & powerful memorable scene.

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