Posted by: Shinrin | 03/20/2008

Harukanaru Toki no Naka De -Hachiyosho Anime Review


The story is about a young high school student named Akane who gets sucked down a well by an oni (demon) as well as her other two classmates Tenma and Shimon. Akane awakens in the castle of Fuji-hime (Princess Fuji) and flees from fear of the bodyguard. She spirited away to another area and meets the mask-wearing oni named Akuramu (Akram). She learns that she was summoned to the land of Kyo, in a distant time and that shes the Ryujin no Miko (Priestess of the Dragon God). Inside her she harbors the 8 beads of the Ryujin.

I didn’t see the OVA yet, although from what I’ve heard I didn’t miss anything. I’ve only seen the TV version. This 26 episode long series is based on the popular Japanese video game, unfortunately from what I’ve heard is that usually an anime based on a game usually don’t do the story justice…which seems to hold true. I’ve heard it all over, the comparison with Fushigi Yuugi, yes they are very similar but it isn’t right to compare or criticize the series for being a cop-out ect. ect. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s a good series.

The animation is very beautiful, and I’m not talking about about the bishonen-filled cast (bishonen-pretty boys). It has the air of a shojo but is much more shonen (shojo is girls manga & shonen is boys manga) given that its filled with near non-stop action fighting and classic shonen-styled characters. The art is soft yet bright colours with realistic backgrounds that look like they came strait out of Heien era of Japan. The music is very good, a mix of old Japanese and classical.


Besides beautiful animation and music, the story is very interesting- filled with mystery, drama, action and light romance. It’s never dull or boring for a second. The series is filled with classic Japanese myths & culture, very rich in detail.


Although this series was (in my opinion) pretty darn good, at the end I couldn’t help but feel slightly dissatisfied. (no worries, I’m not going to spoil it!)  The series has got to be longer! 26 eps is way too short when there’s a cast of 8 men, 2 priestess and 4 demons. There’s not enough character development, the characters (referring to the Hachiyo- 8 men) seemed like they needed more depth into their past, personality and some flaws would be nice. The story flows very smoothly but having a mere 26eps don’t give the series time to evolve slower & take its time to develop the characters more.

All in all, its a series that shouldn’t be past up regardless of that Fushigi- comparison. It’s got a little bit of everything- action, romance, drama, fantasy & eye-candy. It’s well worth it, when I bought the boxed set I flew right through this series! I still think it’s great! I can’t wait to buy the movie, from what I hear more is revealed in it. I give Haruka a 9/10 if it was longer, maybe a good 52 eps, it would have been perfect!


Bandai recently announced that they’ll be releasing the series in the US including the manga (yes! no crappy subs). Series is due in April.


  1. I Must Look This Anime!!!! Thanks for Info Guys 😀

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