Posted by: Shinrin | 06/11/2008

12 years later, InuYasha draws to a close

Rumiko Takahashi’s final InuYasha chapter is due next Wednesday in Shonen Sunday magazine. Stated from Advanced InuYasha group, were they have been posting fantastic scanlations of the manga:

Here’s what Shounen Sunday’s site has to say about the last chapter.
If there are any further spoilers on 2ch or elsewhere, I’m not going to
read them (and thus am not going to post them). For the final chapter,
at least, I’d like to go into it with empty expectations.


The epic feudal fairytale’s emotional conclusion!

The long battle with the Shikon no Tama has ended, and three years have
passed. What is the future of Inuyasha, Kagome, and their friends?!
The story of Inuyasha has unfolded over nearly 12 years, and now
reaches its magnificent conclusion! The emotional final chapter!

[my reply]

I’m anxious yet nervous to read it. I’m curious how it will end but I really hope it won’t have a shallow ending or a bad/sad ending. The word “emotional final chapter”, I hope it’ll be a good emotional chapter & not sad. I’m a sucker for a happy ending…I just hope that Kagome can continue traveling back & forth to Sengoku Jidai to see her friends, or at least be with InuYasha! I always wondered about how can she travel back & forth through time, if she needed the jewel or InuYasha…but I think it’s her own miko powers that enable her to travel through the well. Lots of loose ends to tie up for one chapter though…Sango & Miroku, Kohaku, Sesshomaru & Sango and the missing well…I can’t wait to read the next chapt!

So there’s the news! Check out their website to see whats been going on after anime eps.167

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