Posted by: Shinrin | 06/21/2008

Shonen Onmyouji & Saiunkoku Monogatari -when will they be off haitus?

As most anime fans already know, Geneon company has folded, word has it that it “merged” with FUNimation…but to what extent is unknown. Geneon no longer manufactures anime dvds due to loss of business in the battle over who has the biggest name anime. VIZ & FUNimation are at the top, with their biggest hits “Naruto”, “Bleach”, “Death Note” & “One Piece” (just to name a few)…Geneon was counting on their “Samurai Champloo” to save them, unfortunatly to no avail.

So, what’s gonna happen to the many anime series that were left unfinnished? Saiyuki Reload Gunlock luckily managed to finish the season before the co. closed up, but what will happen to the other series that were licensed under Geneon?

Such as “Story of Saiunkoku” & “Shonen Onmyouji”, two very new series that were just starting to make it big on the shelves, abructly put on the dreaded haitus. Will these series, & among many others, will they ever get a new company to re-release them? Or will they forever be lost in the shaddows burried under the pile of forgotten anime gems? I personally would like to know what’s going on with them đŸ˜¦

“Story of Saiunkoku” is a shojo, semi-reverse herem, Chinese historical series based on the Han Dynasty of ancient China. The story of a young woman named Shuei Hong who lives in an over-sized delapidated mansion with her unusual father & quirky adoptive “older brother”. In the peaceful captital where they live isn’t exactly perfect- woman are greatly oppressed with minimal freedom. Shuei desires to be a court offical, but because of her gender she is prohibited of achieving her dream. Untill one day she gets an unbeleivable offer she can’t refuse- 100 gold coins to work in the imperial palace…but ever good deal has it’s catch. This series is quite acurate & very rich in Chinese history, there’s more to it than just the beautiful music & artwork.

“Shonen Ommyouji” is a shonen, action/adventure fantasy that takes place in historical Heian Era of Japan. (one of my personal favorites) The Story is about a young onmyouji named Abe no Masahiro who lives with his grandfather- the famous Abe no Seimei. Masahiro meets a small white ayakashi that Masahiro gives him the pet name Mokkun- much to the ayakashi’s detesting. Together, the unusal pair fight off demons which plague the capital…untill a powerful worm demon is devouring the villagers! Mokkun & Masahiro soon discover that all the foreign demons appear to be following a very dangerous leader. A beautifully animated series, high action-demon-slaying battles & an interesting story that continues to leave you hanging.


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