Posted by: Shinrin | 07/10/2008

New InuYasha Anime! Premiere July 30th

InuYasha manga offically ended last month, the anime had “finished” in Sept. 2004 due to the producers not wanting to clog up the anime with fillers (everyone knows what fillers can due to a anime series x_x ). With the completion of the manga, Yomiuri TV’s anime producer Michihiko Suwa announces in his “Swatch’s Anime Diary” (“Suwacchi no Anime Nikki”) blog on July 9 for new InuYasha.

The new episode is a 30 minute special titled “Kuroi Tessaiga” (Black Tessaiga), it will premiere during the Rumiko Takahashi Exhibit of original drawings called “Rumic World”. The event will be July 30th to August 11th  at the Matsuya Ginza department store branch in Tokyo’s upper-class Ginza shopping district. For the first time since “Guren no Hourai Jima”  (InuYasha movie4: Fire on the Mystic Island), the original voice actors will once again bring life to the anime.

source: Anime News Network & Advanced InuYasha Group (adinuyasha)


  1. oh wow . 😦 plzcome to canada and usa…. 🙂 i need this show !

  2. i really want the show to come to USA. when it ended i whent to the manga but i like the show alot better but i cant belive inuyasha is over it is my favort show! [sniff][sniff]

  3. they said its not over the will, havve to make a new series and i no they will or else they going to have a whole lot of ppl frm the usa coming there n protesting to bring back inuyasha becasue i finshied both the series n the manga n the now that the manga is over they have to finish making the series i heard that all that wld happen sometime in 2009 so i really cant wait till the best show inuyasha is back on the air n the usa

  4. please finish up the story and send this anime animation to all parts of the world i am dying to see the end please i beg all who r involved in making this series it is a magnificent animation and a wonderful series i wanted to know what will happen to kagoma and inuyasha and also maruko and sango and sashomuro and kagura please restart the series soon .

  5. Oh WoW! I can’t believe it! I thought Inuyasha really ended in episode 167 and …..WOW! I hope it is better than before, I always like Inuyasha but my friends prefer bleach or naruto cus they said that the graphic is nicer and Inuyasha is kinda outdated, but I’ve always believed that Inuyasha will come again with BETTER GRAPHICS and it will be the MOST POPULAR anime in the world, i mean it will of course, the story are sooo interesting, I wish that Kikyo, Sesshoumaru, Kohaku and Rin will have a good ending and that kagura and kanna can be the “good” people though, I kinda like both of them! And the 5th movie! WoW, i also wish that the bad people from movie 1, 2, 3, 4 will revive and join forces or something like that, I like Kaguya (from movie 2) and her mirror and the way she cast her spell or curse or something like that! I just wish that they KEPT their promise and BRING INUYASHA BACK again, I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER! I support INUYASHA, I’ll buy all the original CD’s of the episodes and movie and the pc games…and the ps games… and…(just hope they aren’t too expensive though, i’m just a student and my parents won’t buy stuff like that for me, hafta use my pocket money! sniff*) …………and….aaaaAAAhhhHHH!!! (i’m outta my mind!!!)

  6. i love inuyasha so much i hope that they continue it i love that show it was my first anime show i watched i hope they will continue it i really want to see the ending i love inuyasha and kagome they make such a nice couple . i really hope they bring it to the u.s. PLz

  7. so does that means that the anime will continue after episode 13? Will someone please tell me? Im just so in love with this anime!

  8. To Mandy-
    Yes, the anime continues after episode 167. It’s still not confirmed if it will be as episodes, OVA or movies yet.

  9. Oh gosh, I really am sooo addicted to this show since the very beginning! I have all the shows up to episode 167 and all four movies…..just waiting for more! I know so many people waiting to see what happens next. I have to see the end, there are soo many unanswered questions! Dont leave us hanging!! bring it to the US!!!

  10. Thank god for more inuyasha

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