Posted by: Shinrin | 10/08/2008

FUNimation just rocks!

I respect FUNimation alot- great company, they don’t butcher their anime & they save good anime series. Just look at One Piece- it was going down the drain by 4Kids butchering job & FUNi saved it! Now their at it again saving more anime from being lost forever.


-Story of Saiunkoku DVD vol.3 hits the shelves!


When woman are greatly oppressed, the country in financial ruin & political powers are mess- especially when the lazy King Ryuki is left with the thrown in his lap! It’s up to Shurei to help the king to save the govt. & for her to achieve her dream to be a court official.

My Review-

A beautifully animated series taking place in the Han Dynasty of China, thousands of years ago.  When I say it’s beautiful, it really is- the artwork, the music & well…more bishi’s than you can shake a stick at. Don’t let that shojo-istic flare fool you, it feels more like a Seinan series than Shojo to me. It’s not some little romance, it’s about real problems in Chinese history & the struggle living through it in the eyes of a woman (Shurei Hong is the Protagonist). If you’re looking for lots of action, then this ain’t the series for you…it does has some fights though! All in all, it’s a great series!

-Shonen Onmyouji DVD vol.3 hits the shelves!


Boy onmyouji Masahiro works in the Imperial Palace of a Heian Era setting. His job- slaying demons which plague the capital. However, an ominous dark cloud from the East brings fourth countless menacing spirits! Will Masahiro find the power to stop their master from plaguing the capital or will he die trying?

My Review-

What can I say? Awesome I think! Lets see- It’s like watching InuYasha all over again, with a mix of Tactics & throw in a dash of Kekkaishi…& that’s Shonen Onmyouji! TONS of action, lots & lots of spirits/demons/ghosts/Gods the works. A true mythological masterpeice that can’t be past up for action fans (well, that’s my opinion anyway). It’s really cool, great artwork with lovely soft tones- no colours screaming at you. Nice music & the characters are just great, my personal fav is Masahiro’s relationship with Mokkun. My dad even got hooked to this series! LOL

I’ve only seen DVD vol. 1 & 2 unfortunately of these 2 series. Thank you FUNimation for giving these 2 series life again! That news just made my day ^o^


  1. I just wish their DVDs were cheaper…

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