Posted by: Shinrin | 11/17/2008

Long time no post! ^^;

Wow! I can’t believe the sites got over 20,000+ hits! O_O; Sorry I haven’t updated in like ages ^^; been really busy. Besides working on my manga (which just finished 6chpt.), I gotta put that on hiatus for a while.

Now that the manga will be on hold, I got offered a job to design logo’s for the Ryu Shu Kan dojo! They hold the Sakura Matsuri at Stony Brook (I’ll talk about that in another post). Anyway, I’m getting closer & closer to my dream! I never thought that my manga, artwork or photography would get me anywhere…but then I was offered to design logo’s for the Dojo’s Okinawan karate students t-shirts, the building sign & the Taiko drummers. Words can’t express how excited we are!

Besides that we are really excited about that, but also that sensei wants me to have a booth to sell my manga artwork at the Sakura Matsuri…I’ll be the first person to introduce manga in the Japanese event! So, now I gotta come up with the logo design (they want it to be a manga character! lol ). In between I’m re-design my main website. After I’m done working on all of that, I gotta update new features on this site as well as my BirdsOasis site. Once everything is done my manga will pick at chapter 7. Keh, my parents & friends were right when they told me to “Never Give Up”. It’s more important to to have confidence & perseverance in what you love to do. To “Believe It!” (as Naruto puts it). LOL

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