Posted by: Shinrin | 12/23/2008

“Why the Sea is Salty”

Personally, I thought this was pretty good for an old animation. I’m used to old cartoons with the cartoonish-movements & Betty Boop style of that time period. It’s cool to see something that wasn’t turned into yet another “Tazuka-inspired anime”. I wish more anime was made in this semi-realistic/ukiyo-e woodblock style! 😀

If you enjoy old classic anime inspired from Japanese folktales, I also recommend the movie “Taro the Dragon Boy“.



Silent Japanese animation from 1935. A folktale adapted by Chūzō AOCHI, drawn and directed by Yasushi MURATA.Subtitles © Matt THORN, 2008. 戦前の無声アニメ。脚色・青地忠三、漫画・村田安司。1935年。英語の字幕© Matt THORN, 2008。


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