Posted by: Shinrin | 01/07/2009

Digimon series released to DVD

After a very long time (a decade I think?), the anime Digimon finally gets released to DVD. Officially licenced by Alliance Entertainment in neat complete season boxed sets. So far, the first season (Digimon: Adventure) & second (Digimon:02) have been released. If they continue to make them, the 3rd-5th should eventually be out as well!

Here are the details:


The story begins with seven young children (Tai, Izzy, Matt, T.K., Sora, Mimi, and Joe) brought together under extraordinary circumstances. During a trip to summer camp, an earthquake envelops them all, and sends them to a realm known as the Digital World. They meet creatures called Digital Monsters, creatures (some friendly, others aren’t) that are capable of evolving (or Digivolving) into more powerful forms. They immediately befriend the children, becoming their partners and helping them survive the many perils of the Digital World.

However, as their journey continues, they learn that the world they are trapped in isn’t a game, and learn of the true reason they were sent there. The Digital World is threatened by a great evil, and the children learn of their true destiny as the Digidestined. In order to suceed, they must realize the true potential of their Digimon and themselves. They also receive different crests of virtue (courage, friendship, sincerity, love, hope, reliability, knowledge, and light) to help in their mission. But, the danger is mounting and the Digidestined’s battle to save the Digital World will soon spill into their own….



Region: 1 (US,CANADA) 

  • Studio: Alliance Entertainment 
  • Disc Type:  DVD-9 (dual-layer) 
  • Audio:  Dolby Digital Stero 2.0
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: approx. 1080 Mins
  • 6 Disc Set



    3 years have passed since the Digidestined saved the Digital World. The Digital World has been peaceful since…until a new and different threat arrives. The Digital World is now being terrorized by the Digimon Emperor.  Their new enemy is using the Digital world as a game to fuel his frustrations and ambitions.


    The Digidestined are called back into action once again to put a stop to the Digimon Emperor’s iron-fisted domination over the Digital World. However, new allies and Digimon join them in this new battle. But they soon learn that the Digimon Emperor is only a pawn of a new and mysterious evil threatening the Digital World. All of which will culminate in a battle that will involve the entire all of Earth….

     Region: 1 (US,CANADA) 

  • Studio: Alliance Entertainment 
  • Disc Type:  DVD-9 (dual-layer) 
  • Audio:  Dolby Digital Stero 2.0
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: approx. 1000 Mins
  • 5 Disc Set
  • Having trouble finding the DVDs? Check out here!

    I personally thought that was pretty cool. It’s an under-rated series that’s been compared to Pokemon (though the differences are quite obvious). Anyway, it’s a good series that shouldn’t be passed up if you like a semi-lighthearted/monster/action/adventure with parallel universes in other dimensions! (yeah, I know..I’m not a picky person when it comes to anime  I’ll watch ’em all. lol)


    1. Ha ha! My heart just leaped with excitement! I have one question though.
      Do you know if the Japanese versions will also be on the disks? Or are they just english? Thanks!!
      (Even if the Japanese version ISN’T On, I’, still happy! XD No more you-tubing for Digimon! XD)

    2. If only they weren’t so bloody expensive!

    3. I agree, boxed sets are too pricy! =(

    4. Actually, this is old news. Those box sets have been around for a year at least. Seasons 3 and 4 have just been released this year. However, I think these wonderful box sets are really high-quality bootlegs. A buyer on Amazon said the episodes use the Japanese footage and have the English dubbing overlaid. I’d love for Disney to release real box sets of first four seasons. Still, I wonder why they haven’t stop AE from selling these fakes.

    5. I don’t know if their fake or not, I haven’t bought the dvds yet…but at least it’s finally in boxed sets.

    6. They are bootlegs with the japanese footage with the english dubbed audio over the top (i know i have the dvd rips of these) The picture isn’t even theres if you look the bit on biyomon’s (Pioymon’s) head hasn’t even been shaded in!

      There are 9 DVDs on the official Japanese boxset the english version should be about the same.

    7. Thank you for posting this it was used as a source for a paper I am right now writing for my finals. Thanks

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