Posted by: Shinrin | 01/07/2009

InuYasha, Lum & Ranma- Rumic Event Special Animation Trailer

One of my most popular posts are about the new InuYasha animation. As of yet, I haven’t seen it on the web yet BUT in the meantime there’s the trailer-

In case you want to know what the heck they’re saying, here’s the translation (*note, I don’t know who the young boy is, I guess he’s from Lum anime?):

Boy to Girl Ranma-  “How beautiful! Can I have your email?”
Boy-  “Wanna go out with me? It’s date! Lets go!”
Ranma to Boy- ” Shut up! Enough is enough! I’m a guy!”
Lum-  “Hi! Hello to everyone! How’s everyone doing? Good I hope!”
InuYasha- “Demon!”
Lum- “Looks like we’re all here for the celebration!”
InuYasha- “Who knew that there are also demons in this time!”
Lum- “I hope you all enjoy and find everything you’re looking for!”
InuYasha- “Quit talking! You don’t scare me!”
Kagome– “Sit boy!”
Lum- “What happened?”
Kagome- “InuYasha! What were you thinking!?”
Male Ranma to InuYasha– “Huh…what hot spring in Jusenkyo did you fall into? Those ears look familiar…”
InuYasha– “Your voice is like mine…”
(Boy dunks water on Ranma)
Girl Ranma to Boy– “What the hell was that for!?”
Boy to Ranma- “This way is better, so I can see your beautiful face.”
Boy- “Oh, your so sexy, sexy, sexy!”
Boy to Kagome- “And you’re also very beautiful!”
Boy- “So what’s your name? Email? How about a date? Would you like that?”
Kagome thinking- “Is he one of Miroku’s decendents?”
InuYasha to Boy– “You have a lot of guts to say things like that to Kagome while I’m in Tokyo!”
Boy hugging girls- “Lets all leave together, shall we?”
Lum- “Darling?!”
Boy- “Lum! Wait a minute, I can explain!”
Lum- “This is your punishment for flirting!”
InuYasha- “This is for Kagome!”
Ranma– “This is for touching me like that! I’m a guy!”
– “Shishi Hokodan…Moko Takabisha!”
Lum– “Darling!”
InuYasha– “Come back here!”
Ranma– “You won’t get away!”
Kagome– “I hope you all enjoyed this special presentation, brought to you by Shonen Sunday!”
(All characters)- “Have a nice day!”


  1. aack! I watched this on Youtube…. it was funny……. ^_^ haha that was VERY funny….. ^_^

  2. thanks !! very helpful post!

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