Posted by: Shinrin | 03/15/2009

Anaguma vs Tanuki

There seems to be alota confusion going around. Tanuki are Raccoon Dogs native to Japan & Anaguma are Japanese Badgers. They look very similar if not looking carefully, but the obvious difference is that Tanuki have a raccoon-like mask while the Anaguma has two large vertical stripes above the eyes descending to their forehead. Not to mention the placement of the ears & the shape of the skull’s stop. Tanuki aren’t raccoons either. Raccoons are a member of the rodent family, while Tanuki are a candid- the same family as dogs, wolves & foxes. Anaguma are a member of the rodent family. Both are common throughout Japan.

Tanuki are the ones seen as comical statues at the front of a shop, often depicted wearing a Kasa (straw conical hat), holding a sake bottle & has huge testicals. In Japanese folklore, both the Anaguma & Tanuki were believed to be skilled shapeshifters.

Can you tell the difference between the Tanuki & the Anaguma?

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