Posted by: Shinrin | 09/10/2009

Sayonara ADV Films

Quick post- Just found out that ADV Films went out of business last week. And another US anime distributor bites the dust 😦 With Geneon gone as well, it feels like anime will be loosing it’s popularity with less distributors (hopefully not). Is Bandai still in the game or are they out too?

I was noticing a pattern, when a dvd gets released & within a couple of months it’s quickly discontinued completely. I can tell that the “wonderful state the economy is in” is screwing up everything. I had recently sent a letter to Akadot (my fav anime store), asking about the difficulty in buying anime DVDs these days because I wanted to hear it straight from the people who are involved in the business. Here’s what they told me:


Yes, many distributors are cutting down on DVDs because they do not make much profit. There is not as high of a demand for them as there are people who download the fansub or illegally download the DVD version. Right now in this market many distributors are making cuts on what they produce so as to maximize profit yet still please fans – which is why some series get released but then are quickly discontinued. =\
Maybe when the market gets better they will be able to produce more DVDs for the loyal collectors out there. ^_^



I remember ADV Films licensing the popular (& overpriced) NewType USA magazine & the Anime Network. I suppose those are gone too. They even released big name anime series such as Evangelion, Gundam, Utawarerumono & Rurouni Kenshin! I recal in 2006 that they had a  Comic Party Draw Your Own Manga Contest  & I had submitted my manga series Ronin Yoshino, which won 3rd place. I hope that anime isn’t going to become really elusive again like how it was in the 90’s. I love anime & it’s starting to get really big in the US, it’d stink if it’ll start sinking into a niche’.


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