Otaku is Japanese for a fan of something, often associated with anime. However, the way the Americans define the term “fan” is different.

The Japanese definition would refer to “One who is overly obsessed.” So being called an otaku in Japan is somewhat more of an insult. This is because the serious otaku would shut themselves up in their room, watching endless hours of anime and little human interaction (unless going to an anime con.).  A case of an interest becoming a bad obsession.

The American definition is similar but much more light-hearted. It usually refers to simply “A fan.” So Americans consider it a compliment or even calling themselves an otaku (There’s nothing wrong with that!).

I find that there is a middle ground. You can be an otaku, but not necessarily the obsessed one. There are otaku that are not in a bad way, but just simply enjoying anime and manga (not ’till the point of eating, sleeping and breathing it).

I do consider myself an anime-otaku because I’ve always had a fascination with animation and manga as a style of unique art.  ^_~

The intelligent stories, appealing character development and orginal. It sets itself completly apart from all other animation. Anime is not a cartoon and manga artists are not cartoonist. A cartoon is silly, childlish and simple animation. An anime can also be called Japanimation. A manga creator is called a mangaka.

I hope that this cleared up a few common misconceptions about anime and manga! ^_^



  1. do you know what this means?—> nanimmo osorezu ni ima yuuki to egao no kakera daite

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